Everything You Need


Whether you are coming in, or going out of Botswana, be sure to fuel up at Kwa Nokeng, the fuel is much cheaper than on the South African side of the border.  While filling your tank, take time to stock up on supplies or our famous biltong (segwapa in Setswana). Grab a take-away from our traditional kitchen or Barceló’s . We accept all major credit cards and foreign currencies and you can even exchange money at the Foreign Exchange bureau.

Service station for the nation – we supply all fuel types at the best prices on route.

Nobody fuels a nation like us – we supply all major food groups.

We exchange all major currencies. Our convenient location ensures you’re on the road with the right currency in your wallet. To ensure we have the currency of your choice, please order in advance. Call +267 494 0221 or email

Last minute supplies dot com. Get fresh, get everything you forgot.