Martin's Drift Border Post


In order to enable tourists getting through the Martins Drift Border Post in no time, we have obtained permission from the Department of Customs & Excise to obtain vehicle entry permits for self drive tourists prior to their arrival at the border.

In order for us to obtain the permits for you please complete and submit the form below:

Note: Your destination is important as we need to obtain a single or a double entry permit.

Note: Your expected arrival time is also important to enable us to know when to queue for you.

Note: If you entered Botswana within the last 12 months and you still have your previous third party permit with you then state that you don’t need 3d party insurance, if it’s your 1st time in Botswana or you don’t have your 3 party permit with you then state that YES.  3d party is compulsory in Botswana.


  • Single Entry: P165 .00 per vehicle and P115.00 per trailer, this permit allows you to enter Botswana once in transit,
  • Single Entry: 00 per vehicle and P102.00 per trailer, this permit allows you to enter Botswana once.
  • Double Entry: 00 per vehicle and 167.00 per trailer, this permit allows you to enter Botswana twice, for instance if you are going to Zambia and back to SA, you don’t have to obtain a fresh permit when entering Botswana a second time when coming from Zambia.
  • Service Fee: The service is free of charge and is done to promote our Caltex Filling station next to the Martins Drift border.

Collection and payment of permits:

  1. Coming from SA you will enter the Groblersbridge Border Post first. You will be required to report to Custom’s then Immigration, have your gate pass stamped and cross over into Botswana.
  2. Once you have parked your vehicle on the Martins Drift side, ask all passengers to proceed to Immigration to start filling in their passport forms.
  3. The driver must walk to the exit point of the border post, at the gate you will note a Toyota Bakkie / Game Viewer with Kwa Nokeng Lodge / Caltex signage on. Approach the driver and give him your name to obtain your permit.
    Please do not pay the driver.
    The Driver is there every five minutes as he shuttles between the filling station and the border post.
  4. Join your passengers and complete your own immigration form, fill in the vehicle register book at Immigration and ask for a gate pass.
  5. Report to Customs and ask for your gate pass to be stamped, there are usually two queues at Customs, one for the purchasing of vehicle permits and the other for goods to declare. Go to the front of the goods to declare one and inform the Customs official that you have nothing to declare and just need your gate pass stamped. Do not stand in line for this as they are more than happy to just give you a stamp if you have nothing to declare.
  6. Exit the Border post (seatbelts on) and report to the Caltex complex next to the border. Go to the Star Mart cashier and settle your account please. You can settle with Rands, Pula or Visa / Master Card.

Please do not pay for any permits at the Border!

Border Crossing Vehicle Form